Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We have come for you!

This blog will mainly be dedicated to the slow (and slower) progress of Pavor Nocturnus, my Night Lords 12th company.

The army is modelled and painted in accordance to my vision of the Night Lords during the 31st millenium and onwards. Cold and calculating serial killers, without the classic (and often kinda tacky) skulls, spikes and winged helmets.

I currently have 13 out of about 40 marines almost completed. The jumppacks will be changed from these to these, and I have yet to put some lightning on the armour, but here's how they look right now:

The torsos and helmets are from FW's Red Scorpion upgrade pack, the legs and arms are from normal loyalist marines and the bases are the lava bases from Dark Art Miniatures.