Thursday, February 17, 2011

Go ahead, jump. Jump!

While I'm technically not completely done yet, since I have yet to paint a single lightning bolt on the miniatures, the first batch of 10 jump packs from Chapterhouse are finished. Drybrushing blue is really boring, fyi.

First I tried to keep it simple with the "tubing" parts in midnight blue, the same colour as the joints of my marines, but it was just too boring with blue, blue and blue, so I redid one in red instead. Quite a big difference, really..

A few days of doing mostly other stuff later, I can finally focus on painting another few normal Night Lords while waiting for my Maelstrom package with my new green stuff for a slight conversion on my Apothecary (Sang.priest) and HQ (Sevrin Loth).
2 models are already hiding in my BattleFoam, but the other 8 wanted to do a quick pose (wierdos!)..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Foamy goodness

It's finally arrived, my nice black 720 (limited edition number 212/500), designed to eventually carry aprox 5000 points of Night Lords (though it'll probably be more like 3500 pts NL and 1500 pts Grey Knights in the end)