Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thermos & Creamy Nougat

So, I've finally managed to get some hobby progress in, not counting the work on Codex: Night Lords for The Codex Project.

Had a small 2v2 1000pts each game the other week and with me using C:NL for the first time, I had some points over to fit in a lone terminator. Since I wasn't too fond of any of the four termies I had modelled since before, I salvaged the legs from one of them and made a new one. It's still a bit WIP, needing some more greenstuff and will be given some chains and skulls since I've been a bit inspired by Dan the Deamon over at B&C

Today I finally managed to get some work done on my Dreadnought, making it fully customizable for any weapon loadout and pretty much any codex. In total there are 10 magnets on him for torso/legs, arm weapons and the "hands". We'll see if I can also succeed in getting some paint on the torso before the weekend. The local store is having a walker event, and it would be pretty amusing to fight against other walkers with the equivalent of S6 lightning claws..